Well so much for Fnatic...

This series is already over, and the simple truth is that Fnatic did well to get this far, but they're simply not on IG's level at all- this will be a simple and anticlimactic 3-0. They're completely tilted and don't have the poise to recover themselves- both of these first two games are complete stomps. You can see it in how they panic in the first clutch teamfight after they fall behind. In the first game Caps screwed up repeatedly and basically fed. In this second game Bwipo is completely on tilt and is just fodder, and Fnatic have completely fallen to bits like a solo queue team. Hell, Fnatic extensively target banned Ning, forcing him onto his 3rd or 4th tier jungler, and he just DUMPSTERS Fnatic with the Gragas they forced him onto. Shy is better than Bwipo, Rookie is better than Caps, Ning has shockingly proven himself to be better than Broxah, and even if Rekkles is better than JackeyLove it's not enough to make any meaningful difference (and frankly I'm not even sure if he even is). Looks like the cup remains in Asia for the indefinite future after all. It just hopped one national border. EDIT: Seriously, end of that second game was just IG treating FNC with _contempt._ Even the panel agree that they were just styling on FNC. Shy diving to the edge of the summoner platform 1v4 after escaping death a few seconds earlier was a literal feed just to send a message "you scrubs aren't even a threat to us". FNC are being _flattened._ EDIT 2: 100% called it. The Baron steal was the ONLY sign of life from FNC and that was more luck than anything else. That wasn't even a contest, IG basically took Worlds unopposed. You could see FNC falling apart in front of your eyes as soon as things started to go wrong even after their good start in game 3, letting their faces fall into their hands. Rekkles looks so down I wouldn't be surprised if this setback retires him.
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