General opinions after watching the 1st 2 days of play-ins

Some general thoughts: 1. Flamengo looks strong for a wildcard region (and also Brazil has an awesome fanbase). I expected BrTT to be good but Shrimp and Goku also really impressed. 2. Isurus/DFM have generally disappointed me. I didn't think of either as particularly strong teams/regions but imo they were 2 of the weakest teams in play-ins so far. 3. Unicorns of Love are the genuine thing, even with their loss to Mammoth 4. Drafts have overall been terrible. I think the teams are trying to be creative but Nocturne mid/Ekko jungle aren't working 5. Damwon looked rusty/shaky but there's still too much of a skill difference between them and the rest 6. Group C is an absolute fiesta, none of the teams looked good.
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