Help me get Riot's attention

Hi, me and my girlfriend are planning to attend this years Worlds finals. What She doesnt know, Is that I would like to use this opportunity to propose to her after 8 years of being together. As such, I am looking for a Rioter, that could help me answer some questions regarding the Worlds 2019 finals. Ive already tried discord mods, Reddit rioters and both riotsupport Twitter and their official support website, to no avail unfortunately, As such, am trying my luck here, in hopes that some Riot lurker helps me out. So if you do read this, please msg me. With best Regards, a player that hopes that his GF never comes to the boards. P.S.: english isnt my native language, sorry for any grammar mistakes (am also typing on a phone) P.S.S: thanks to anyone commenting, and helping me to get this post higher, to get Riots attention. Edit: G2 didnt win, but I did {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} she said yes {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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