I am very disappointed and feeling like I was betrayed at the finals

Honestly, in a year of G2 I never saw them like that. Pyke mid after all the nerfs to the solo lanes??? Ez vs Kaisa??? Leaving free Lee to Tian make me think that they really wanted those kicks in their asses. I really hoped that after the first match they understood better the enemy and then draft properly, but really, the second match was totally trolled. They made the same mistakes of Fnatic last year: the same mistake over and over again wihtout changing a comma. Last year was: play around Rekkless who didn't pick the proper dps to the opponent. IG banned totally Rekkless in the draft and Fnatic seemed to forget how to play lol. This year the mistakes were even more! I'll repeat myself: I am shooked of the pick of Pyke mid. Those matches were like the inters and trollers I find in my promos. And everybody agree about that those G2 weren't the G2. It is sooooooo hard to think that the series didn't have external agreements. I know that G2 are not at all like they were in those finals
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