Korean reaction to SKT losing to G2

- 15'57'' - 18'00''.jpg https://youtu.be/VvKGhQ4zOXU?list=PLrtg3MOb7tvHYaIdcUZsO3dZgr2fEc-Gq (Faker and Doublift cheering each other) - So SKT is an actual MSI trophy winner - It's a team vs team matchup thingy. If IG chose G2, SKT got to play against TL, it would have been IG vs SKT. - So this is an actual victory for SKT. SKT would probably have won against TL cause team matchup. Wow, Faker what a player - So actually SKT is the 2nd place team. - Phongvu beat G2 in group stage so they are 1.5 place. IG 1.3 place. and TL beat IG so they are 1.1 place lol - Don't blame Khan for 5th match against G2. If you disagree with me you are one of those malicious Faker's fans - SKT banned Tahmkench and their chose their 2nd, 3rd pick as Varus and Braum in order to reduce laning phase shennanigans. They were aiming for late game team fights. They banned Neeko and Jayce too so they wanted top laner Khan to go at least toe to toe against Wunder, so their intention on stronger teamfight was evident. They were probably thinking Kennen beforehand. This is more evident when we saw Jarvan tried to help out mid and bot lane. Especially when Jarvan counter jungled blue and ganked bot to get rid of syndra's flash, it would have been very unwise for Khan to pressure the lane. Once pyke hits level 6, Pyke doesnt care of laning. Pyke does roam over to mid and try to get kills and snowball further. So at this point Khan cannot do anything. Khan's kennen participated in teamfights and used his R and zhonya well and tried to mitigate the winning pace of G2 - Why SKT lost the 5th match? It was when Jarvan ganked mid lissandra survived and leblanc and lissandra went equal, so leblanc couldn't do well against lissandra. It was when there was a 3v3 teamfight in bot lane, lissandra roamed over to bot lane to secure win while leblanc was farming in mid. Oh yeah! Faker's leblanc didnt take cleanse as a summoner spell so him dying to ganks that changed the game! No. Actually at that point, bot lane gave up on laning phase and syndra was solo farming first tower plates. The game was sooo in favor of G2 already. - If the game went to late late phase the result might have been different. Who knows. Although SKT lost because G2 had a better mechanics and game understanding, SKT still moved around in the map with a valid reasoning. EXCEPT for Faker's leblanc who were just farming and ignoring team fights. What a 'CS dominant' player. - TLDR: SKT lost because of Faker. Faker has 90% holdings over failure. - My Takes on MSI SKT - Khan's underperformance... blahblah - SKT's dominance in b.o. 5 or 7? No... blahblah - SKT performed really badly? No.... blahblah - TLDR: The all regions went toe to toe against each other it seems. So watching MSI was fun. EU-NA-KR-CN there is no gap.
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