After MSI, Bjerg vs Jensen

So woke up to find out TL somehow beat IG 3-1. Checked a couple topics on the twitters and it's about how it was the best NA performance, how TL beat IG at their own game, how C9's world run was better (it was still, they were 10th at one point and made it to World's Semi's) and then it devolved into Bjerg vs Jensen talk. After skimming through the games of TL vs IG one thing is definitely apparent to me. Team Liquid wins through team play, that's for sure. TL had a lot of number advantages and a decent amount was IG trying to take those fights and getting punished by Core JJ, not so much Jensen, I don't know how someone of that calibre can miss so many Sylas chains. None of these wins came off the back of Jensen. One would argue it was IG taking a lot of disadvantaged fights and Core JJ and either Xsmithie or Impact carrying their carries. I don't know how people try and make an argument of TL having the best bot laner and mid laner NA when constantly Doublelift needs funneled or he's garbo or Jensen literally needing Xsmithie and often times CoreJJ there to baby sit him so he doesn't get clapped over and over in mid. This is apparent from IG having early pressure on him repeatedly Rookie constantly winning 1v1 trades and even numbered fights. None of this is Jensen popping off and going 1v9. Even on the games where Jensen has had high kill secure it's off the back of his team. And the only time he can translate that into solo kills is if he gets carried on his leblanc and gets secures until he finally just hits a 3-4 item spike where he can solo someone. Now on the other side of this argument, Bjerg has always been a high performing player even when his line up is shit. Bjerg won how many titles with how many different players. Doesn't matter who his jg was or who his support was. And the only reason TL beat TSM in the finals of Spring was the coaches on TSM apparently don't know how to ban a Skarner and from misplays from TSM (Zven trying to solo Skarner in river) and Xsmithie literally carrying his team so hard, it was disrespect from TSM that lost them that series and not the Bjerg vs Jensen showdown. Also Broken Blade was the MVP of that series looking so good despite his team throwing, getting this "rookie" from Turkey, a region that hasn't accomplished much on the world stage, getting the best of Impact who has been revered as the best Top laner Na for a while. BB man handled Impact that series.
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