LEC needs format change

What a awful game 1. I couldn't make it through the series. Major misplay after major misplay. The announcers trying to hype the match even though they knew and everyone in the world knew it would not be a close series. It was awful to watch. The format is miserable. Top two teams play and then get a rematch. Ouch, totally unexciting barring miracles considering how one sided the matchup was the first time. I really didn't watch LEC this season but since there were no more NA games I decided to check out the rift rivals opposition. I had to do a double take considering that the teams just played each other very recently. I was wondering if there was any possible way that gap could be closed in that short time. After game 1 it was very obvious. What an anticlimactic ending and the format leads to these situations. A change needs to be made
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