C9 management are serious bullies.

Benching players because they aren't taking things seriously enough and threatening their spot until the perform how you want is a form of bullying. People who claim that it is a great way to motivate would make horrible bosses. A leader isn't in charge because they know better, they are in charge to serve as best they can and keep the team/group together. Jack and Reapered have shown their true colors. It was either a marketing stunt,( which I don't believe it was honestly) or a personal matter where they obviously got into an argument with the 3 benched players. Jack claims he was not happy about the way they responded and honestly I was ecstatic. I'm not even a C9 fan myself, and it made me angry! (TL is my bae, btw) If Riot supports this move then they support bullying. That is what happened here. Its not acceptable and should be punished.
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