I don't like the Worlds Format here is why and what I would change.

So as we all know the current worlds format consists of a play-in phase and the main group stage followed by the knock out stage, there are 5 major regions: LCK, LEC, LCS, LPL and the LMS, and the wildcard regions of Japan, Commonwealth of indep. States, Turkey, Brazil, Latin America, Vietnam and Oceania. While The Wildcard regions have to go through the play in stage and can only send one team to worlds, Vietnam has 2 seeds thanks to the great perfomances in recent history, particularly from the Gigabyte marines, and the major regions have 3 seeds and only one (or in the case of the previous worlds winner no seed) has to start in play-ins Now why don't I like the system, I am not really fond of the concept of play-ins. So I think to grow as a region and improve it is essential that players get to experience big international events in all their glory and get to play a lot of different high level teams and the experience and confidence they would get from that. Looking at who made it and who didn't, across the board, every 3rd pool team got last place, every 2nd pool got 2nd place and every 1st pool team advanced to the Main Event. The exact same thing at the 2018 Play in Stage, with the exception of Detonation Focus Me beating Kabum in a tiebraker to take 2nd seed. Now generally speaking this would point towards the system working as intended, and if we ignore the 2017 Fenerbahce upset against HKA, it shows that in the long run the wildcard regions just can't hold a candle to the major regions. With the exception of Vietnam, those regions are stagnating, or not improving as fast as the major regions, and the outcome of play ins is often not defined by a weaker team going to town on a strong team but wether or not strong teams are having a bad day, as shown by the 2017 Play-In stage where HKA underperfomed and allowed Fenerbahce to advance to the main Stage. So the low amount of international experience, and experience against different playstyles and teams on an international stage is certainly a big factor. Yet one cannot underestimate how important morale and confidence are when playing a competitive game. So one issue is that be many the Play-in stage is not treated like a part of worlds. The sentence "You didn't make it to Worlds if you didn't make it out of Play-ins" should sound familiar to some in many different variations. While stuff like "The PENTA" etc help shine a light on the small stage it is still a long way away from getting the respect it deserves. So in my honest opinion I would abandon the Idea of Play-Ins and have the main stage of Worlds contain a total of 8 Groups. Plus give every wildcard team 2 seeds and demote one region from status of Major Region (looking at you NA and LMS). This way teams can get the respect they need and be able to play with the big boys on the big stage. Now will some teams be Goomba Stomped by a Korean or European Team, probably, yet the experience they can gather by playing against the likes of SKT, G2, Fnatic, RNG or KT Rolster is truly invaluable, instead of being stuck playing against sometimes mediocre major region teams that come nowhere near the caliber of the powerhouses. Feel free to bash on my opinion if you disagree. ;3
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