Balanced for Pro Play...?

Interpreting some quotes from some Rioters and the picks by Pro-players this MSI as if they were responses to them. ==================== Riot: "Pyke is a support champion. We are confident that we have adjusted him so that he will sit comfortably on the botlane as a support." Pro Esport Player: "Let's play him toplane." (Wunder - picks Pyke top - MSI Semi-Finals) ==================== Riot: "We are satisfied that the changes that we have made have returned the meta to where it should be botlane. Marksman are back to where they are supposed to be." Pro esport players: "What were they saying?" (Teddy - picks Sona- MSI Semi-Finals) "I don't know." (Mata picks - Taric- MSI Semi-Finals) -- "I think they said something about marksman...but I didn't get the message." (Perkz - picks Syndra botlane carry). ===================== Get the message Riot. Your game is still messed up from the garbage you foisted on us last season. Fix it.
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