Anyone else worried about the All Star event?

I was excited to attend this year, but the two players per region coupled with League "partners" makes this seem like more of a fan meetup than a celebration of the players that dedicated LoL Esports fans have followed all year. The most popular players to casual fans can be very different from the most popular to esports fans, and it's the esports fans who are willing to drop Vegas money to go to this event. However, I'm now hesitant to spend money on an All Star event that won't be for esports fans. Riot has the four invites to guarantee that a few big-shot players will be at the event, but I'd like to have the guarantee that the people who attend will be outstanding players (aka All Stars) and not just the people who had their face on the most marketing. **EDIT: I'm not talking about a second Worlds or a repeat of last years dull Rift Rivals lite, I'm talking about the quality of PLAYERS. Players who made their region proud on a global stage are all-stars.**
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