i think NA might be the best region right now

skt 3-0 final IG 3-0 final G2 3-0 final (kinda 6-0) so we already know that skt IG and G2 are way stronger than the second best team in their region, but for NA... TL 3-2 tsm in finals because of szen being alone near the scarner... so they barely won finals because of a fuk up on enemy adc tsm 3-2 C9 again another close match. i think C9 would have also went 2-3 vs TL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- our top team is in the msi final vs other top team. our region got 3 big team while other region only have 1. Tl stopped sucking internationally and C9 alway do well at world. if tsm stop fuking up on international i think we will be the only region with 3 super team rather than 1 ------------------------------------------------------- edit: ok, let me rectify my point 1: TL isnt best team in world, but they certainly doing great, they dont suck anymore internationally. 2: skt - IG -G2 were the best team in their region by FAR (especially G2) 3: TL, tsm and c9 are aprox same strenght right now im not saying c9/tsm/tl can beat skt/ig/g2 whenever they want. just that if you sent 3 team of each region, NA third and second seat could do really well (just like TL right now) while Jd gaming origen and griffin would most definitly get beat up by the rest. team liquid ; didnt read first of korea china and EU might beat first of NA in term of skill, but they all got only 1 big team, while Na got 3 that are just slightly under ------------------------------------------ edit 2 (since edit 1 didnt seem clear enaugh) i am NOT claiming that c9 and tsm would beat any of the team at msi. im saying that c9 and tsm are most probably better right now than jd gaming + funplus phoenix griffin + kingzone origen + fnatic i am not saying that our 3 team are all better than other region nbr 1, just that other region seem to have 1 huge team and way below are other team, while we got 3 big team (just under the nbr 1 of other region) --------------------------------- edit 3 : just a little add on even if griffin would be stronger and they just choked, still make them lose the bo5. if they choked in a world tournament quarter finals vs smaller team, it still count choking under pressure and inconsistency are things that need to be counted when you chek someone's strenght. if i am so good that im able to 1v5 pentakill skt, but only if im in a very specific situation, im still not the best player in the world because of that restriction. tl:dr (griffin choke best of 5, its a flaw that you shouldnt ignore, they lost because of it)
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