I am ashamed of our region (huge rant)

Man watching NA at worlds so many years only to see our region become more and more like a wildcard region is a joke. All these Koreans and EU players they pay big money for to get to come to our region don’t even bring competition. Instead!!!! They just become worse players. Our region has a handicap sticker all over it. Just to explain.. I have realized I am an all around terrible player at the game micro, macro, anything mechanically but if I have time to play solo queue all the time in top lane I will eventually get paired up with enough people that have a much higher skill gap than other players I will just get carried to next rank. The games are a landslide on either side. Either you win big or you get destroyed. Last year I peaked at diamond 5 feeding my butt off. Not to mention players like hashinshin literally feed all the time but he plays more than me so he is a higher rank. Matchmaking is a joke that literally just depends on how much time you have to queue and does not have anything to do with you actually improving as a player. Not to mention best of 5s were great for NA if solo queue can’t be a good training tool at least bo5 could be competitive but riot gave up on that because not enough viewers. So now we are at it again with the best of 1s and look at NA at worlds they are clueless on how to draft. Without the bo5s they have no idea how to answer drafts at all. Not to mention they make zero adjustments between days to their game strategy they just keep playing same things hoping for mechanics to win the games. NA is just terrible to watch right now and I have stopped watching lcs because streamers games seem more competitive.
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