Can we get an F for Cloud 9? Not for Worlds but for...

...them losing all their fans? Or at least one of 'em. Really disappointed with them this year. I could handle not winning in Spring, I could handle them not winning in Summer. I could handle all the bad plays, the bad drafts, the shakey teams they drafted and then the bad macro and shot calling. Cause they always, always, always deliver at Worlds. They make me proud in NA, give me hope for next year, and they have always looked strong even though though they never got to that Worlds Final. However I am embarrassed by their actions. I think legit some of them don't even care. I'm hoping that they can through a year of self reflection, maybe some team changes, and staff changes make me a fan again. But after being disappointed all year, and to be let down at Worlds was too much. I got into watching Esports from Cloud 9. They were so much fun to watch, and while they didn't win any championships during the time I watched them, they were always competitive, but with how boring the LCS is now and how I hate Double-Trash Talk-Lift ranting about how he's god gift to LoL I'm struggling to even care about LCS. Clutch is entertaining, and I have a soft spot for CLG, and I don't dislike Optic. But with my favorite team just not even giving a shit anymore I feel like the only option I have left is watching LEC. So yeah, Cloud 9 you were a fun team to watch. I hope you start caring at some point. Maybe if you can string together something that resembles a backbone I'll be able to stabilize all the cringe from your drafts and mind blowing choices. I hope you do come back one day C9. I really hope you dig yourself out of this hole. F.
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