Fan Response to NA LCS Format Update...

This is a long post. I'm just warning you. And I go all over the place. I'll start by telling you I'm in favor of Bo3 format, not Bo1 format. But read through and give me your opinions, and answer the poll! I've linked the article that Riot Games published today on the NA LCS Format Update, in case you hadn't read it just yet. However, I'll be doing a kind of TL;DR here going over their main points and the fans' counters to their points. I'm going to start by saying that, while I did get tired of scrolling through comments on this article to see the responses from the true NA LCS fans... 38 out of the first 40 comments I read through said something to the tune of "This is not good". However, I'll give Riot the benefit of the doubt here, as it's possible only a certain population of fans are commenting, because what reason do happy fans have to comment? They're satisfied, so they're going to close the article and smile. Let's summarize this. Basically, Riot Games decided that for the benefit of fans and viewership, Bo1s are better than Bo3 series. Alright, fair enough. Let's review this though. As was pointed out by SketchyPete in the comments, Riot Games posted something nearly opposite to this back when they decided to switch to Bo3s. Riot Games had summarized, then, that Bo3s would be better for viewership and also "an assumption was that a more competitive series-based format would better prepare teams for international events at MSI and Worlds." Let's be honest, Riot Games probably makes more money at MSI and Worlds than the Spring and Summer splits of NA LCS combined. And, from my point of view, it is MUCH more exciting for NA LCS fans to watch their teams do well at international events than it is to...well, watch them fail. I mean, come on, wasn't it exciting seeing Cloud 9 go 7-0 in the Play-In stage? I know it's the Play-In, but it's still part of Worlds. That was awesome. It made me so excited to watch them in the Group Stage! In my personal opinion, one that I believe I share with many NA LCS fans out there, competitiveness is more important than easily viewable individual splits. I care less about how Immortals is doing against Team Liquid in Week 4 of the Spring split than I do about how TSM is doing against RNG in their Bo1s in the Group Stage of Worlds. And that's not because I'm a TSM fanboy (although I probably am..), it's because I want to see NA's international performances more than I want to see every single game of each split. And, while yes, this proves Riot's point that viewership may increase with the Bo1 format, I believe this format change will ultimately result in LESS viewers overall for both international events AND local (NA) competition. I don't believe it was a good idea to introduce us to the competitiveness and entertaining aspects of a Bo3 format when there was seemingly such a high possibility of you changing this back to a Bo1 format. Allow me to put it in words that are much more relatable to the article linked. With a Bo3 format, there was the chance that if any given C9, IMT, TL fan was working until, say, 4pm PST, they could still catch a game or two of their series on Friday! With Bo1s? You missed the game and that's it. You can watch it later on YouTube, but do you really have as much desire to see it if it's not live? I know I don't. In conclusion - Riot Games, by changing your format back to a Bo1 format in the NA LCS, you're killing the competitive fanbase just a little more. Fans of teams who are playing earlier won't be able to see their team play live, and watching live is so much more exciting and filled with hype than watching the recording later. But, I don't just want to go off of my own personal opinion. Fans of NA LCS - What do you think? Answer my poll and let's see if we can get Riot's attention here.
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