You wanna hear a joke?

Putting Spica in instead of Akaadian. Thinking Akaadian was the problem on TSM. Thinking we need yet ANOTHER jungler change on our roster. Maybe one day we'll realize our jungler isn't the problem. Never was. Not once in the history of the org has the jungler been the problem. We had sven, we had amazing, we had akaadian, we had santorin. They were all REALLY good junglers. When we had turtle, we were winning (maybe non consistently). When we had doublelift (CONSISTENTLY!), we were winning. When we brought in Zven, we've been losing.... consistently. Smoothie was a fucking backup support for C9 for years. Only got brought up because LemonNation quit. He was a 2nd choice by default. He's not terrible, but he's nothing special. He's known for cheese picks like Brand and Zyra. He's a mechanically gifted player, no doubt, but he's just not like.... idk he's just nothing special. There's nothing you look at in this game and say "Oh that's SMOOTHIE'S forte." Zven and Mithy were awesome because the team they had around them. They're not individually great. They're probably great team mates in certain situations with certain resource allocations, but its not like these two are just 2v8ing games. The problem isn't and was never jungle. The problem is that this org wouldn't know a good player vs a bad player if they had gigantic neon signs above them telling them which is which. We CONSTANTLY dump good, championship level players in favor of sub par replacements. The problem is that the org's solution to failures in communication and synergy isn't to BUILD the synergy, its to fire the player THEY THINK is the problem, or replace them. The problem is that its never about winning, its about roommates that can live together and be friends. Its about companionship. Companionship doesn't win championships.
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