We want Answers, Riot Games

As you may have notice, the willingness to attend the final of Worlds 2019 at Paris is really high this year but the community is really frustrated by a series of event happening this 16th of September. Putting aside the event themselves, it is now proven than several/a lot of people bought the tickets to sell them again which is against the law. Here are a few Questions of our Discord Server (for Buying, Selling and Trading Worlds Tickets) with over 500 sad Members: 1) Are you at least aware of it ? 2) Are you looking at counter measure currently ? 3) Maybe a refund and a second selling session with ID attached to the tickets as an example ? 4) Is everything really sold out or will there be a second wave like last year ? A lot of the players is asking for an official answer to know what is going on. Thank you in advance for your time reading me. I hope to be able to read your answer soon. Please comment, like, and share. This post has to reach Riot Games directly and we need all the support in order to get an answer and have actions being taken. This cannot continue to happen year after year even though a simple solution such as assigning one name to every ticket would solve all of this and prevent ticket from being sold to others.
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