Another year, another season, another completely pointless World Championship series...

And so here we are again, at the Grand Final of Season VII... and it's exactly the same as last year. Samsung Galaxy vs SKT, Korea vs Korea. Again. Frankly, I don't even know why Riot bother holding the World Championship any more (I'm being facetious of course, they hold Worlds because they make a shitton of money off it). "The World Championship" is the LCK. No other team from any other region is even worthy of competing. The only time a Korean team was eliminated from contention in this event was when Samsung had to play Longzhu. There were a couple of scares, but I'd believe you if you told me the Korean teams threw those games to create false tension, because they're simply flat-out better than everybody else. Korean teams can come back from ANY deficit, but the INSTANT they get ahead of an opponent it's over; nobody comes back against them. Nobody can beat Koreans except Koreans. And yeah, simple fact is Koreans are simply the best, have always been the best, will always be the best. Can't deny that, can't do anything about it. But the problem is, it makes Worlds as boring as SHIT, because you know all the results in advance. Oh sure, you don't know what the rest of the peons are going to accomplish, but you know that in the end everyone who faces a Korean team will lose (except another Korean team, of course) and the final will be Korea vs Korea again. So frankly, the entire event is pointless. Hell, _the entire year of competitive play_ is pretty much pointless, because you know that every single team outside of the LCK isn't even a contender. I'm not even interested in watching the Grand Final. Korea wins either way, and frankly the Korean teams aren't even different enough from each other for me to be interested. They play pure meta because they just have so much skill they don't even need to innovate or try weird surprise tactics. They play very standard, meta, _boring_ LoL and they do it to perfection. This has been one of the most boring Worlds series ever, and frankly I don't think I'm even going to bother watching pro LoL at all in 2018. What's the point? SKT and Samsung have basically killed LoL as a spectator esport.
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