Ok so i already know what most people will say about this. "She is a Tank. She doesn't need damage." Well poppy is a tank and she has damage. Voli is a Tank and he has damage that scales with his health. Then there's CHo'Gath who is a Tank... And one shots with his ultimate. What makes me mad the most is you are giving scaling on a champ that will probable never even use which makes no sense at all. Her Q should have an AD scaling because it is an Enhanced Auto Attack. The fact her Q at Rank 1 gives 10 bonus damage is so Laughable. Rank 5 it gives 110 bonus damage when at rank 2 everyone else goes way passed that plus their scaling. The fact that you nerfed the ap scaling is so dumb as it wasn't even that high to begin with. You give her a Skin with interactions of killing people when at that point in the game you cant even hurt a fly and you are super ahead. Now don't get me wrong i get what her role is supposed to be. But with all the armor pen items being a tank is practically useless as you cant tank anything at all anymore. Rage-blade has armor pen now another armor pen item that we did not need. They also can't make the excuse that her Q stuns giving it damage will be broken because Twisted Fates W Stun lasts for 1.75 seconds and does a shit ton of damage being able to hit 800+ damage. Most I have been able to get on a Leona Q if i am full ap is 700 and thats with 6 items. A Small buff in the scaling of her abilities would do wonders. Making her actually a more viable support because she wont have to depend on her team to actually get something done. Blitz has 100% ap Scaling hell even on his ult which is AOE. If he goes full ap if he lands a hook it is almost immediate death. Yes i know bruiser Leona is a thing and it is pretty good but most match ups you will not have the quality of lane phase. Also yea im Cardboard 7 what do i know... I don't play ranked much and i have been playing this game long enough to know things. Thats all i wanted to say. Just venting how useless a tank is unless they have damage. Specially with Pyke and his Execution ulty which is really dumb.
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