Remove lifesteal as a purchasable stat from this game

Only allow lifesteal and healing if the champions kit has it included. Remove lifesteal items otherwise. It is really funny that Draven can build first item BT and start to outscale Vlad and Aatrox healing combined. Draven basically becomes a tank that cannot be killed unless he gets bursted instantly. You removed Spell Vamp so you fucked over Akali and Vlad since season 4. You also fucked over mages and AP champions that want healing unless they build Gunblade. Time to fuck over all ADC champions that think they have the right to sit there right clicking while having more healing than Vlad and Aatrox combined. Oops, I can sit there at 700 range right clicking and I made a mistake. Nevermind because I have mobility, then I can just auto attack a few times to heal back my entire HP bar. You cannot kill me unless you have 3 assassins that can instant burst me or else I will 1v3 with 0 counterplay. Completely remove lifesteal as a purchasable stat, and only allow it in champions kits. If a champion wants lifesteal, they need to invest into Legend: Bloodline rune.
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