@Cactopus/Meddler RE: Rune Refund

You guys dont want to give more BE in return for reunes reforged at the cost of the company, but the players don't want to feel screwed over by having inadequate compensation. Lets come to a compromise. Looking at the facts on your side: 1. Giving back a lot of BE means a lot of people will dump this into new champs meaning lost RITO profits, understandably bad 2. Giving some vet chests at X# of years/seasons played isnt fair when someone can do 10 games a season on an alt vs someone who actually plays 1000 games in a season (vet by years played) 3. Giving some compensation for games played like someone who played 1000 games in their single year of playing vs the 10 games player isnt fair since it's based on a person's free time and doesnt necessarily make on worth more or less than the other (vet by games played) Looking at the facts on our side: 1. A LOT of runes cost way more than what they were listed at with the most recent prices (prior to the now 99% discount) and the return rate now is not satisfactory to anyone 2. Runes were forced upon us and cost players time, some money and most people champs when they needed runes 3. Rune pages cost A LOT of time/IP/$$ 4. A lot of players gave a lot of loyalty, time in years and multiple seasons and are being grouped w those who just started for champ xp, getting insufficient recognition 5. For the most part, we DONT want icons, emotes or some flair especially since they'll be replaced (ie can only use 1 icon, limited emote selection space etc) **So lets nail all of these in 1 sweep. Turn the launch of the Runes Reforged into an event** * All the rune and runepage refund will give Rune Reforged Tickets as currency * Each player will have RR Tickets based on their spending on runes/pages so it'll be fair for those who have spent a ton vs spent little, but return will be 100% based on the amount they spent to obtain it. If someone spent 820 on a rune and it now costs 410 they'll get the 820 value. This will reward the vets more since they paid more, as it should be * Currency can be used on the items you've planned already PLUS MORE * Plus more = icons for those who want it, loading screen flair for those who want it, but most importantly summoner XP. Vets who dumped a lot of IP/RP into runes/pages can use this to get something some levels over those who dont have as many RR tickets to spend * The RR Ticket currency segregates from costing RITO revenue from not giving up champions since it wont be converted to IP/BE for champ purchases * The RR Ticket system gives the PLAYER the control on what reward they want as compensation based on what they value, rather some who feel that RITO tells them what they should appreciate with set or restricted rewards * Add some quests to reward tickets to those who don't get a significant RR refund so they aren't left out * IP and BE currently held will have no value towards the RR event since this is about the old rune system and new, not how much IP/BE the player has currently collected. This is one major problem you're banging against right now * RR tickets are already locked in the past, people can't try to cheese them with discount runes, champ shard investing and whatnot so what you put in already is what you get back Ta Daaa
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