Who else enjoys "League of 15 Champs" as much as me this season?

https://abload.de/img/lo15champsgck4l.png Isnt it fun having 1-3 of these champs in every one of your games? Left Frame: Pickrate Mid Frame: Winrate of best players on this champ* Right Frame: Avarage Elo of best players of this champ Compare that to lower picked champions https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/current/platinum/plus/champions/ Never had such an onesided and unhealthy season like this season where always the same champs are played. **EDIT:*** I think the overall winrate is often a missleading thing. If you have a popular champ there will always be new people who will test him and will often lose in their first 20 games which pulls the winrates down. On the other hand unpopular champs are often played solely by hardcore fans and otp's who have hundreds of games on them. They often play already in their skillcap elo with a stable winrate. I like to check average elo or winrate from best players on this champ. It says way more about that champ than the overall winrate, imho. Go on the link and sort after pick-rate. Then scroll down and look at the yellow winrate on the right side (winrate of the best 50 plqayers of this champ). You will see that its high (around 60%) by most picked champ although their overall winrate is below 50% and goes down the lower you go in pickrate. The overall winrate doesnt mean anything because of the reason i explained above. If you wanna know the real winrate/viability of a champ you need to compare the best players and their winrate on each champ.
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