Not playing since 20 April (7 days) and this is more frequent than ever.

For those saying that lol isn't doing bad... Since season 2 i played every day and season 5 was my fav so it was around 3 games per day at this time. Because i played more than the average player when riot released pre season patch for s8 i tested it and played a lot of games i knew it was going bad : - i made stats proving that games were shorter snowballier and more one sided. I released them people said that it wasn't true (cause they didnt play as many games as i usually do). They said do not worry riot will fix this... - i warned a lot about riot destroying themes and identities of characters being reworked... results : swain and beatrice... - there are a lot characters who need a big vgu : malphite, nunu, anivia, caitlyn, kog maw, udyr, skarner, amumu, etc... Instead of making some vu reworks to finally update the game riot prefers creating new champs or making unecessary reworks... - towers are a joke games are too flashy, quick and ome sided. Even a 45min game feels one sided... - baron buff makes counter play in late game totally impossible it has too much impact when buffing minions. Finally thank you Riot for season 8 it is the best season. It has so many changes that i don't even know if im still playing lol or a chinese ripp-off copy made by tencent. If i rage it's simple it's because this game was fun. It was the best game to play on a computer. However when tencent bought the company they made so many changes that the game is now unrecognisable. I don't feel i'm playing lol anymore when i'm playing it compared to last season or past seasons...
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