How will gp, yas and trynd fair with new item changes? Heres my analysis

{{champion:41}} Gangplank is currently running a 3 item power spike. {{item:3078}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3095}} with steraks gage often making an appearance early in this burst meta as well. With the new Crit changes, if {{item:3031}} is reverted, and the {{item:3046}} and {{item:3095}} (first version of change go through). Gp's power spike will move much farther late game . He currently spends 3733+2900+2800= 9433 gold to hit his respective highpoint. With the new Changes our pirate friend would have a 3733+3400+2800=9933 spike. 500 gold for swiching youmuus for ie. This leads to somewhat of a reversion to s7 gp, having a later power spike but not falling off, gp prefers ad over as, meaning the pd changes make him stronger. from here he is likely to go for {{item:3142}} and{{item:3036}} as far as i can tell, switching one out for steraks if he needs it. He does lose cdr here however, which is big for gp, but coverable with boots. If they go for the second version of ie and stormrazor the build will stay the same if ahead and most likely change if behind, and frankly turn gp into somewhat of a hyper carry, he wouldnt use stormrazor because its 2nd passive iteration only works v champs (same reason he doesnt like muramana) but there are armor pen items to trade it for. {{champion:23}} I am less sure about, so dont get carried away flaming me. Trynd currently runs {{item:3046}} and{{item:3031}} . My guess is he might swich out pd for {{item:3087}} due to its 50% attackspeed in the post (didnt notice that at first but its pretty big) after that if the first ie is in he would go for that, giving him 65% crit, 50% attackspeed, 80 ad and the ie and stattik passives plus his own crit passive, which would put him right under 100% crit at max stacks. if the second items are take he might just rush {{item:3031}} although its a defecit to his early game to go for such a rough build path and late item buy. I also think he would be likely to go for the 2nd {{item:3095}} as it would make his first 3 autos give him plenty of ms and some bonus dmg to boot, letting him stick and kill very effectively. {{champion:157}} seems to be the least secure here. he could go {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} but would overcap hard on crit, which makes me think he migh just get {{item:3031}} and accept the 80% crit chance. he could go {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} or {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} the first giving him no ad at all and rapid fire's passive, which he doesnt care for, and the second forcing him to slightly overcap crit, but giving him 20 ad at least and a nice passive. If they go with the second {{item:3031}} he would rush that and be a powerhouse as soon as he finished it, going for ad and as after. As far as i can tell either {{item:3095}} would be nice, but the second would be a lot better for the reasons it would be good on trynd. the first would give him some terrifying burst, and allow him to poke/trade in the mid game very well. come to think {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3095}} v1 might be really good on him for all the dmg he could output on a single hit. I dont really play him tho so that should be noted here. Tell me what yall think!!

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