The other Champion Archetype That lacks a keystone

Now that the whole “Bruisers lack a proper keystone and are forced to take keystones tailored to other classes” has calmed down with Conqueror’s release and rerelease can we talk about the other class (or SUBCLASS to be exact) that has been taking tunes tailored for other classes (or subclasses) and aren’t 100% percent viable on them (although some keystones are 85-90% viable I think) Battle Mages Malzahar Swain Vlad Viktor Karthus Rumble Aurelion Sol Taliyah Anivia Like seriously, they take Electrocute (Burst Champion Rune), Dark Harvest (Poke Champion Rune), Aery (Enchanter Champion Rune) and some oddballs that take Klepto, Grasp, Glacial and Phase Rush However these keystones aren’t totally fit for the subclass that’s meant for DPS and being in the heat of a teamfight, id personally love a keystone that allows for better survivability or CDR manipulation that would be suboptimal on Burst champions but good on DPS champions, this way we avoid the likes of Veigar, lux, Brand, Talon, Zed, Rengar, And Leblanc from abusing it But honestly anything will be fine as long as Battle Mages get a keystone...
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