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Hey everyone! I’m extraordinarily new to League (started just a few days ago). I played Smite for a few seasons on PS4 before taking a good two years off and now that I have a PC I wanna play some LoL. I figured I just needed to get used to the controls of the game and I’d be pretty much good to go as most of my friends who have played both have all told me they fee Smite is a harder game. That being said, I am absolutely terrible so far. I’m not sure if I just haven’t gotten used to the differences, if I am not comfortable with the controls, or if I even remember how to play properly. My friends are all 5-7 year veterans but don’t have the best patience and willingness to lose some casual games til I get the hang of it. That leads me to my question: how should I go about practicing in-game with other players? I was a flexible player before swapping over and mainly was the ADC for my team comps, but I wanted to try something a bit simpler to get comfortable and have been trying to mid. Any and all tips on any roles would be appreciated but I am going to focus on being a better mid before I practice other roles, unless someone can suggest an easier role to pick up (was thinking maybe top but everyone in soloq goes top when I join). Thanks for reading! TL;DR Newbie asking for tips on how to practice and get better
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