What Is Being Done to Address Mobility?

> We've recently removed your post for violating the Boards Universal Rules and sub-board guidelines, which prohibit the posting of low-effort and non-constructive content. Apparently my last post was too sarcastic or some shit, so let's try this again and maybe the mods will be a little less overzealous with their delete button. What is being done to address the growing problem of too-mobile champions in this game? There are a lot of great champion designs that have mobility, while still offering some sense of fairness and counterplay. One or two dashes isn't a problem, but many of the newer champion designs have increasingly had more and more mobility. These champions also tend to have higher-than-average pick and ban rates in professional play, and tend to pose balancing nightmares as their overall win rates might not look all that impressive due to how frequently they're played. One of the examples that comes to mind is, of course, {{champion:84}}. With a total of four dashes, three movement speed bonuses, and her invisibility shroud, Akali has far too many tools at her disposal to "outplay" her opponents, whether it be to engage, disengage, or simply zoom around during the middle of a fight. Blue form {{champion:141}} is another champion who I'm sick of seeing. His "signature mobility" of being allowed to walk through walls at literally 750+ movement speed for 9 seconds offers so little counterplay I'd rather go against a Kha or Rengar any day. Other notable offenders include {{champion:39}}, {{champion:55}}, {{champion:555}}, and of course everyone's favorite {{champion:157}}. So what's being done to address mobility? {{champion:69}} and {{champion:78}} both have abilities that stop the enemy team from jumping around, which were both great additions to the game. However, neither of these champions generally sees all that much play. Perhaps instead of continuing the nightmare that is attempting to balance too-mobile champions, the answer might lie in giving others the tools to remove that mobility for a short period of time. Or, we could just keep adding more mobility to everyone. Because League's definitely more fun when you have six dashes, right?
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