did riot destroyed kayle identity ?

first of all good job on morgana rework this what i can call a good rework they kept her kit with some small changes that will make her more stronger and in the the end they kept her identity. as for kayle where to start is it me that finds this rework changed her identity? hmmm i might be the only one lets compare her old skills and her new with what they could've done to keep the kayle as it is with some small changes like they did with morgana. 1-passive surely the new kayle is way better as she goes to late game with the new stages there's no denying that (new is better) 2-Q her new skill is good as well and this time we have the old passive stacked here( stronger edition) and hit multiple targets but this time its skill shot and the old one is targeted which will guarantee the hit. (new is better) 3-W the new is much better as well since it gives more heal and speed plus heals another target (new one better) 4-E here is the main skill that really made me sad honestly this is the identity of kayle as a champion they basically put the old q into e and the glowing fire sword has changed to this skill shot and removed target dmg and secondary for the range thing but in return left they kept passive which at least better then nothing but still the feeling of the glowing sword while u hit the target is gone now which is bad since the effect was nice before even the movement of her body when she hit the target + the area of effect was better then the new one since now u have to be in straight line to hit multiple targets and can be countered by yasuo windwall lol (old one) 5-R this one is meh for me aswell since the old one u can attack freely with basic along with E which helps a lot in killing but now once you ult you cant do that anymore and the dmg is not considered as good as hitting the target with basic attacks. (old one) what could've riot done to keep her identity: 1-simply keep E as it is and once u hit 5 stacks u change to double swords + once u hit the lvl 16 u can no longer activate the skill and it will be full range 2- when ulting kayle should be able to attack freely when ulting on herself same as the old one and when ulting on team mate she uses the swords flying thing. that's what i think in terms of identity the new kayle has the damage even with the new E and the passive make it no longer in use for the old E i know but her kit has changed and the new one is overall about the late game but the old one could be a mid - late game beast aswell when fed so thats my opinion in the end.

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