Rank should mean at least "something " in normal games matching

The story goes Gold zed and Platinum akali get bored losing game after game on ranked, and after 40 ish games they decided to play normals..... matchmaking treats them as noobs since they have played 21 and a half games in normal draft this season so they get bunch of unranked 1 silver and 1 bronze , of which none even expected the skill and such tryharding proportions.... and instead of a match inside their own expectations and skill that they put into their normals, they ended up twisted in an imposible and unplayable match of snowballing by mostly 2 players for entire 20 minutes if only their other teammates would be even close to skill of the losing team i wouldnt even bother to write this ....but theres a serious gap inside the matchmaking system , and huge percentage of matches is onesided by rank and skill as in normals so in ranked Rito , i respect you for many good things this season , but your matchmaking .... but ok , whenever i get close to 75% winrate my matches start being trashed down in a very obvious snowbally way.... so what is the point of matching such a wide range of mmr and/or ranks if more than half of those wins and loses are not leagit ...that is the good question to ask
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