Spelltheifs QOL Change

Spellthief's Edge "Killing a minion or non-epic monster pauses Tribute generation and the passive gold generation for 12 seconds per unit slain" This is intended to prevent the use of the item as a last-hitting carry, and only make it viable on a support. However this above rule creates issues in 2 cases: 1: If your ADC dies and you need to clear a wave to stop a push it sets you back 12x6 or 72 seconds. 2: Some supports do splash damage and accidentally kill creeps from time. The time to get their sightstone significantly later. As a slight QOL improvement I believe you should be given _**1 grace minion per 10 nearby minion deaths**_ not by you. So if you accidentally kill a minion every other wave with splash damage, or have to catch a wave after your ADC dies, then you aren't put further behind on getting your sightstone upgrade. This would preserve the current functionality where Spellthief's Edge would still not be viable on last-hitting carries. Thanks for reading.

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