This damage is ridiculous

Ive been playing since season 4 and this season the damage is way to high. I all i did was use my POINT AND CLICK Q and 1 auto attack and put him on 1% health. I dont even know how this acceptable. This game honestly dosent feel like league of legends anymore. Armour/magic resist is worthless unless the champions kit directly benefits from it. The champion pool now is so small its boring. Especially in ranked its the same champ over and over and over becuse everyone just abuses the high damage now. Support role is meaningless now. I see velkoz, xerath, yasuo etc going support and sharing gold and still coming out on top even i do this at times and i find its so easy to crap on a standard adc/support combo by just picking a bursty high damage champ as support. It feels like this game is no longer about outplaying the enemy team or warding properly. Turrents are garbage dragons are way to easy to take with many champions being able to 1 v 1 dragon and especially some junglers being able to 1 v 1 rift herald is insane. On rare occasions i even seen champions 1 v 1 baron nashor. how is that even acceptable its a buff for the whole team thats mean to be taken with the whole team or at least 3 people. This high damage meta is garbage and just ruins any thought into the game. Team fights are boring and stale as fuck now. Its literally just a spam fest of who gets all there abilities off first. Just look at old videos from previous seasons of league from lcs or youtubers you will see how much damage is in this game right now its insane. Even pros are complaining about it. Youtubers are streamers are and alot of people on the forums are but riot just wants to say fuck you and not listen to its dedicated fans who keep wanting them change it. The skill cap in this game has gone down so much it hurts to see the game like this i used to play this game so much but now its just the same champions over and over and over its so stale now. its almost always the same bans the same everything no one wants to deviate because its not fun picking a champion and getting 0-100 because you cant 0-100 back or you dont have a escape or any type of way to counter. Well thats my rant for the day.
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