plz revert mordekaiser i miss my favorate trashcan

new morde is ...... bad its just a bad rework nothing in his kit is similer to the old morde the rewrok is just a whole defferent champion that have nothing to do with old mordekaiser not the same play style not a one ability from the old kit a passive that is actualy useless in a metta where u cant even hit enemies and not fun to play as or against some people maybe come here and say : "well morde is realy overpowered what are u complaining about " its not what im trying to talk about here yes he maybe strong : sure if i can hit those 1.5 sec cast time spells and if enemy dont buy QSS or stopwatch and also stand still for u to hit them but all that OP stuff is not what im talkin about here its how the chapion is played now and how he was desinged if u take the old morde and the new morde put them next to each other they have nothing in commen not even the sheilding not the laining phase not the fighting and the macro play notthing new morde is actualy soo bad the only thing hes good at is just 1v1 and hes not good at it too you dont realy have good impact on the game u cant realy stop your team from throwing the game and your not realy rewarded for playing good thigs that made people main mordekaiser : the sheild the macro the insane healing ( that could be balanced ) being able to actualy carry a game even if some of ur team is not doing good + the fact that players actualy learned how to play with his current kit the old dialog being able to actually 0.00sec one shot ppl when ur ahead in the game the ghost : nothing was better than getting a ghost from enemy team and using it agains them the dragon that was maybe the coolest thing ever he was really weak early game but scaled realy hard into mid-game he was one of the strongest mid game champs there is still people who gonna say morde rewrok is not bad well sure thats why all morde mains are just not playin morde anymore becuase the rework is too good for us to play maybe i started playing this game in 2016 and didnt know much about morde till late 2017 started playing ranked and only made it to plat2 with the old morde . i enjoyed playing him untill his rewrok . i didnt hav fun with the new morde , and i can only hope for a revert now . hopefully someday i'll get to play the old morde again . thanx for reading all the way through . sry for the bad english.

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