Buff thornmail dmg and remove the grevious wounds(Rammus has 0 counterplay in a 1v1 duel vs duelist)

Precursor: If i itemize to fight rammus(merc treads, jg item, rageblade, wits end, adaptive, spirit visage) shouldn't i logically be able to duel him? OR is the grevious wounds just too broken to allow that as i get melted by a "front line" tank who does nothing but e and w or maybe presses r if hes up to it? Yes even fiora cant kill rammus and its very unhealthy, heck he can't even be killed by ap champs because he can flash into them then e, w,r(you know) then deals their entire health in that period to kill them with no actual dmg items. But that healing reduction is unneccessary cause hes a tank and not supposed to be dueling every single champion with 0 itemization effective against him. Offensive tank who builds only defence killing all dueling champions without breaking a sweat is just not cool for the game. I used to play him and he cannot even die to vayne because he is so strong its rediculous but i'm speaking out now. Misc talk: Mortal reminder is fine since it grants less pen in compensation for Grevious but Morrello and Thornmail take no trade off at all to dish out Grevious for no reason at all. Ignite is fine since its a summoner spell. Grevious wounds needs to only be applied on targets under X HP for morrello, considering it also has magic pen! I know how its a struggle to balance ap assassins because they share the itemization with regular ap champs but i propose a solution, make new special ap assassin items melee only so that only assassins(ekko, akali, fizz, eve, ect) can use them and they wont be abused by zoe or annie. ---------------------------------------------------------- AS FOR THORNMAIL, it grants little counterplay especially when used on rammus and amumu. The damage is FINE though increase it if you must. The free grevious wounds is just anti fun and has to go. Grevious wounds is just on everything now that theres no point a rammus should have it for no reason but hitting him. If the dmg is higher but gw removed it lets dueling champs with healing later in the game to be able to duel him alone which is OK because they are itemizing to defend against his magic dmg.
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