The Riot Games Balance team does not care about you or your feedback.

League of Legends has around 100 million active monthly players, and the Riot Games Balancing team doesn't care for a single one of them. They don't care for their enjoyment or their complaints. They just care about Pro Play. They will buff any champions as long as it provokes interest in Pro Play. "And he picked Riven!" Says the caster excitedly as the first game of worlds rolls out, "We haven't seen her picked for years now! This game will be fun!" He states... Well, of course she will be picked in worlds when you keep buffing her. Meanwhile, she was dominating patch 9.16-9.18 With a win rate of 54%+ And a pick rate of 10%+ (Right now both have decreased though). I still remember the words from a Riot Games employee "We have pulled back the nerfs on aatrox, so that we can find a change that helps decrease his Pro Play presence but still keep him healthy and fun for soloq". These were the words said between patch 9.17 and 9.18. Before patch 9.18 rolled out Riot Games responded with "So far we couldn't create a balance good for both soloq and pro play (excuse me?) So we are nerfing him for now." And nerf him they did, quite hard in fact. Aatrox is currently sitting in 43.25% win rate and a 5.4% pick rate, he is ranked the toplaner with the least win rate, followed by irelia with a 45% win rate, that is a difference of 1.75%. Well, I'm gullible and naive, so i will remember your promise, nerf him now, but change him so he is healthier later, even though I know that is one of your many lies. I used Riven and Aatrox as examples here, but there are many others. Fiora and Sylas, Evelynn and Yuumi. One little fun fact is that Riven, fiora and Evelynn are sitting around 49-50% win rate, while aatrox, sylas and yuumi are at around 43-45% win rate. Since you want to make Worlds so "fun" and "unique" and an "experience different from the rest" then push out the changes, but at least revert them after. Or have the decency to just state "Yes, we do care about Pro play a lot more than soloq"
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