Kayn Questions

How is Kayn looking in this meta? Now, I don't play many games, but I haven't seen him much at all this Season. (Please place emphasis on this - I don't play much, and I'm not good. So, I could be totally wrong.) Is he in a good spot right now? I'd like to try him out. I've always wanted to but I was always hesitant because I was avoiding having to choose Shadow vs. Rhaast. Now that I have some JG experience, I feel like I have a better feel for choosing between the two. Final question - what's the point of his ULT? I know it does damage. I know you can do a full combo, ULT, and then it gives your abilities time to come off CD, and I know it prevents the enemy from getting away..... but it just seems like it's a double edged sword. It can be a death sentence. Thanks!
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