I have tried talking to two different people from player support regarding this topic, but they don't seem to understand what I am trying to say and just keep telling me to submit a discussion on the boards - so here I am. I am currently a Diamond IV one-trick Miss Fortune and as I have been climbing through the different elos, I have noticed that getting off-roled has gradually gotten harder and harder - to the point where now I simply can't play off-role otherwise I am literally just inting my teammates and nearly guaranteeing a loss for us. My suggestion to Riot for a possible "fix" to Autofill (for us players who truly hate it and would rather wait a decade than to play a poor quality game off-roled) is to make an "opt-in" clause during role selection. A player could simply check a box stating that he/she wants to be Autofill protected and if so, then a pop-up would appear saying something like "I understand that selecting the 'Autofill protected' option could greatly increase queue times and wish to proceed" before the player would be able to start the queue. Of course, the player would be able to cancel the queue and uncheck the "Autofill protected" box if he/she no longer wishes to wait for longer periods of time in order to guarantee their role. In response to this suggestion, I was given replies such as: 1. "But this will lengthen queue times and not everyone wants to wait" | I really don't understand why this was even said to me in the first place - those players who don't mind being Autofilled don't have to check the aforementioned box, I'm not sure why this would even be a factor in the discussion. 2. "But this will cause unbalanced matchmaking" | Really now? More unbalanced than, for example, a MF one-trick getting Autofilled top lane into a Riven main at Diamond elo? If so, I would love for a Rioter to tell me how adding an option for players who don't mind waiting would cause matchmaking to suddenly be unbalanced. 3. "But then you won't be flexible and be able to play other roles" | I don't at all care about "being flexible" and being able to play other roles, furthermore, I have absolutely no interest in playing other roles, period. I enjoy playing League of Legends as a MF one-trick and that's pretty much it. I don't want to top, or mid, or jungle, or support. I want to bot and I want to play the champion I want to play - why should I be punished for that? 4. "But what if most players are queuing for adc?" | Again, seriously? You're telling me that so many people are queuing for a specific role that I will be waiting hours for a game if I choose to be Autofill protected? I don't at all believe that. And if it is true, then I would love for a Rioter to show me the statistics on it. I think I have pretty much covered everything. TL;DR - This is my thought process and possible solution for Autofill for players who truly hate it. If anyone can point out actual flaws in my proposition, I would love to hear them since I can't seem to think of a single scenario where this is a worse solution than our current system.
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