Can we finally buff Braum now?

Well, Riot finally got what they wanted with a major drop in Braum's pro presence. He has not been picked once in the entirety of the the Worlds 2019 Group Stage, and the one game he was picked by Isurus gaming during the play-ins, he lost. I have been a Braum main since basically I started playing the game 3 years ago, and I have never struggled to get results with him more than I have in Season 9. I understand the reason him and Tahm Kench were gutted was due to their pro presence but Braum was never as oppressive as Tahm Kench in pro play, nor do I think his kit is too problematic to buff. We allow top pick ban presence supports like Rakan, Thresh, Nautilus and Pyke to sit at or above 50% WR with exceptions to Rakan due to his high skill floor, yet Braum has been a bottom 5 WR% support for almost the entire season. Can we at least get an acknowledgement from the balance team that they will at least take a look at Braum in their next balance meeting? I know Braum mains are an extremely small percentage of the player base, if at all represented, but I would just like to be able to pick Braum again at least as a counter pick into the champions he was meant to counter, hard engage. I can remember back to Season 8 MSI, when Braum was considered the answer into Rakan. Now Rakan is considered a bad matchup for him. This just doesn't sound right. Whenever the enemy team wants to pick engage supports, the possibility of being punished with a Braum pick should always be a threat in my opinion, otherwise what is the point of him as a champion. I really want him to be in a good spot again. His lack of presence at Worlds 2019 should be enough to at least get the ball moving forward. Thank you.
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