You know what...

After 5 years in this game im done trusting Riot literally anything. They ruin everything great about this game and add the most useless or horrible things. Everything somehow ends up being broken. Balance is non existent anymore, meta slave players climb while being unskilled when skilled players that play champions they simply like tryhard to get some lp. Perfectly designed champions get a fucking useless mini rework which usually result the champion to be broken or useless (example Aatrox,Swain,Aurelion) Gamemodes and maps that players love are being removed Client is ALWAYS having issues especially in champ select (can't ban, can't pick or change runes) Riot care about players that main Lux and buy skins for her not about players that play a champion without a skin for 4-5 years Generally it seems like Riot is legit trying to get rid of their playerbase. Or they simply don't care anymore
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