10 bans each team and remove ‘No Ban’ option

There is too much bullshit champions in this game currently that 5 bans per team is not enough. What I want changed for next season is: Give each team 10 bans so 20 bans altogether. The way you can structure this is exactly how they do it in pro play. Do 5 bans first, then the first three picks on both teams, then the second batch of 5 bans, then the last two picks. Remove the No Ban option completely. Teams at worlds ban 5 champions each, but in solo queue we have nobodies that think they are great players and don’t ban anything. I have played some games where the enemy team doesn’t ban anything. No more duplicate bans. Lower the timer of banning to 12 seconds each person and each team takes turns to ban. Quickfire bans. First your team then other team then back to your team etc. If someone doesn’t ban, immediately kick them as soon as it hits 0, don’t give a 3 second last chance to ban. Kick them from the match and join back into queue.
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