Map Changes should Create Ward Changes

The new maps gonna have the ability to have more brush/bushes, which means less vision across the map. This means assassins (especially Rengar) will have more advantages to gank or attack. With the additional Lethality changes, the assassins who primarily build it (Zed and Talon) will have a huge advantage because vision is limited even more. I propose a few changes: - Control wards should not take up space in your build (as this additionally causes late game to basically not allow them to exist without selling an item) so a second ward slot should allow for you to stick pink wards. - Regular Wards should go up by 1. So instead of 2 wards at all times, 3 is possible. - Support Warding items shouldn’t be changed as they do receive 4 HOWEVER I believe once you unlock the wards from challenge completion, your regular wards should automatically convert into Oracle Lens. (This will save those supports from backing to buy it or if they forget to buy Oracle. ) - The additional awarding Rune should provide 2 HP instead of 1 as well as Blue award. - Using Oracle should not be visible to enemies when used. This is such a disadvantage when destroying wards as it makes vision for the enemy but alternately not for you.
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