Possibly best idea for gameplay (level 19)

I was thinking about the new season changes and I came up with an idea. Why not add level 19 to the game!?! Level 19 could completely change the game in a good way. Apart from an obvious star boost you may ask what happens to champion abilities, since every ability maxes out at level 5 and ultimates max out at 3 that equals 18. One possibility would be to start the game with an extra ability point and let the rest play out the same, but I think even better than this we could have unique ability upgrades for each ability and the player can only pick one. Since level 19 won't be available until very late, you will have the option to pick the upgrade that seems more appropriate for each situation. Between % health damage increases to counter heavy tank teams, or extra survivability if that's what you feel like you're missing. It could help offset a bad draft pick where you got heavily outcomped. Every champion will have unique upgrades to some of their abilities but since they can only pick one it will make the game less repetitive and dynamic since you can pick different options each game. It's going to be like a bonus rune or a bonus item that you get at the very late game. i understand that's a lot of work on the part of the developers but it can give a new spark to the game and it doesn't have to be done all at once, start with reworking level 6 of just 2 abilities per champion and in the future you can rework 3 and then 4 depending on how it plays out. What do you all think?
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