Please Riot, these Renek and Kled changes are terrible for toplane. What are u doing?

Top-lane is already the most counter-pick heavy lane in league what is the reason to emphasize it even more? Didn't u just read here and on reddit how hard it sucks to lane against a champion that you cannot beat or interact with at all? (Tahm Kench) So why do you turn around and say "let's create more of these scenarios"?? It's not only ranged champions just straight up hard-countering most melee bruiser. Melee toplaner among themselves counter each other. I pick kled, they pick fiora. I pick Camille they pick jax. I pick a tank they pick Darius. Atleast those heavy counterpick scenarios are pretty rare, now you come around and give Renekton a shield breaker. Sooo camille v renek turns from tough for camille but beatable early to "never leave fountain, at all". Riven as well probably cannot lane against renekton anymore. Two new scenarios that will make camille and riven players feel like shit with no hope in god to beat renekton. Great. I'd be dishonest if i'd say i feel bad for riven players but this is not the solution to riven being broken as fuck because it influences the overall health of the lane. Kled? Kled needs attention. Massive one at that, but his healing debuff is not the solution. Kled is a lanebully that gets beaten by most lanebullies while also getting outscaled by them. THAT is his biggest problem. THAT is the reason why he was so good with old conq that allowed him to properly scale into the later stages of the game and not let him fall off the moon after 15-20 mins. Now you give him a healing debuff. So kled is already good into for example aatrox and vladimir. Two champions who now probably don't even need to attempt to enter lane against him anymore. He might now be a bit better against darius and renekton but i doubt it will make a massive difference. Most win lane scenarios for kled come from people running into his lvl 3 murder combo and getting snowballed on. It's kinda hard to predict the outcome when people rarely play properly against kled. Fiora will continue to shit all over kled soo coolio. All in all these changes only cement existing counters and make them basically impossible to play against while a champ like kled who needs help doesn't get any benefit from these changes. And i realize this is probably what you want you think it's really exciting sitting in a lane under turret not able to even cs and hoping your jungler comes or your botlane wins. Unfortunately for the people who play this shit it is in fact not fun and people in fact Q up for league of legends to play a match of league of legends to you know PLAY LEAGUE OF LEGENDS FFS. So please riot, pull these changes asap you cannot be serious with this. Why do you want toplane to be such a shithole? Why do toplaners have to play minesweeper every fuckin champselect? Why do you when people say "please toplane is very counterpick heavy and it sucks to firstpick" turn around and make it even worse? While i will not get an answer i hope a rioter will read it and talk to repertoir for all of toplanes sake.
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