Why is Malphite Allowed to go Full AP?

Laned against a support Malphite, kind of annoying since he has a point and click ability and walks up and does good damage, but we won the lane and I was Ashe. He got destroyed over and over, but then when he was maybe 1/4, he got his ult and just rushed into me and one shots me. Its super early into the game and I buy a stopwatch, use it incorrectly, and now I have absolutely no defense against his ult. I'm grouped with teammates in the back, and he just ults into all of us, one shots me, and gets everyone else low. He just continues to do this, and I can't do anything about it. I have my ult, but I try to save it, and I have Guardian's Angel, but that has a 4 minute cooldown. Meanwhile, Malph is getting his ult back every 30 seconds. This is broken as fuck and I don't understand why a tank champion is allowed to build full AP and just ape it into the team every 30 seconds and one shot the ADC. It's not fun for anyone and makes me not want to play this game

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