Top lane Tahm Kench has a lane kill rate exceeding 60% in 47 out of 50 match ups.

How on earth has he not been hotfixed? He has a favorable match up against **every single top lane champion**. The only champion that even stands a chance is Pantheon, but the matchup still slightly favors Tahm. Even against Heimerdinger, a champion that should counter Tahm, the matchup favors Tahm. Lane bullies should exist, but not to the extent of countering every single matchup. This is incredibly similar to old Nunu, where he was picked to make the other team's jungler as useless as Nunu. But Tahm Kench doesn't become worthless once mid game hits, and Nunu never countered 94% of enemy junglers by a ridiculous margin. It's incredibly clear that Riot hasn't a clue what to do with this champion, which is why he should be given the same treatment other unbalanceable champions get. Bench. The. Kench.
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