Anyone feel like these 'Tier lists' are extremely biased?

Seems like they control the playerbase and promote meta-slave mindsets. No one seems to have a quirky main anymore or a strange build or tactic that they enjoy. They all pick the same champions. You get HARASSED hard if you pick something off-meta nowadays you better carry and win the game for them, if you don't you're the worst player in the world and you're trolling. Another I feel like is that they actually don't cater for lower elos or the average playerbase, they have 'Challenger Analysts' who say pick this champion to insta-win all your games then some unsuspecting casual player picks it up thinking he's going to dominate and he just doesnt and ends up raging at everyone. Pyke Darius Ezreal Kai'sa Sivir Vladimir Ahri Yasuo Karthus If you don't see one of these champions in your game you're not playing league of legends. Why doesn't anyone have mains anymore :c
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