The problem with league.

Pro play - absolutely filled with meta-picks. Pro's cant even play the champions they main and the games balance sucks. **Solid evidence that balance sucks; not just a meme** Kayle pick or ban Akali ADC's are able to IE first (ADC's were always imba when IE is a first item buy) ADC's were ALWAYS a two item spike role. Now it's just land a couple abilities and people die to your PTA. Ranked play - extremely toxic, every loss has two auto fills on the losing side or a mixture of low % winrate players with ONE decently WR player OR BOTH. **Hardcore players that care about winning and losing; are constantly banned from trolls harassing them** The guy that runs it down; or the guy that dies 0-4 in lane within like 3 minutes in a group of supposed top 25% of the playerbase? I don't think so. Auto-fill sacrificed good matches; thanks for the extremely quick matches for my 30-40 minutes of disgusting loss. PROMOTION matches? really. They literally took off more divisions off of ranks, just so we could see more players in gold+ for rewards so they don't quit the game. Casual play - all of the above More players running it down, running AD ryze.. Don't worry we'll keep league active with our skinssss Then nerf that champion a month later. BTW we still can't play tanks; thanks ADC meta! Now every game, is 1000% reliant on junglers ganking. Because top can't survive. You want to play with friends? Oh you don't have a full 5 premade; here let us give you guys one extremely bad player.
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