The Real Problem with URF right now.and how easy it would be to fix.

the tl:dr _ objectives=snowball=antifun so lets shrare ideas on how make it more fun._ the problem is the objectives...i keep trying to tell people urf was not like the first time urf came out. if used to range from short to 40+ min back and fourth 100% are 10-20 min stomps due to the op objectives. most people seem to underestimate/forget them but gold,exp,stats from elder buff/baron.are huge. turret plating elder dragon baron and even the cannon are speeding up the mode way more and causing snowballing. this effect from them is massive. and also is anti-fun. the dragon being the biggest problem.. each dragon gives a 20% damage swing, plus true burn damage, plus all the other stats. PER dragon is a lot of power to be given free at the 10 min mark of the game. add baron on top of that then its pretty ridiculous. the objectives are turning 100% the games in to 10 min laning phase followed by a stomp and forced end at 20 or ff after dragon goes down. this is anti fun when the game is so heavily dictated from one objective at the 10 min mark. and this makes the mode a far cry of what urf used to be when they first released it. when you consider before elder was added to urf there was at least a chance for some of the games to make it past 30 min and to have to have some back and fourth fights on longer games. those were always the more fun games at least for me even if i lost.. the dragon and turrent plate is also warping the picks massively and limiting them a lot. as you need to pick strong laners so you can contest dragon get plates..people would be more willing to pick more weak lane champs/for fun picks. if the mode was a little longer or if they dident have to worry about contesting objectives or getting stomped so hard immediately once the other team gets an elder. the pick warping from the short forced snowball games due to objectives is causing a lot people to complain...but most people never acknowledge/realize that the objectives are making the mode way worse. the sad thing is riot may even use these complaints as a reason to only do arurf from now on or worse not bring it back at all..rather then just remove the the snowballing from the objectives. in the PBE people were telling riot that elder dragon was a problem and was anti fun and the games were snowballing to i am not even sure why that was never addressed. the forced objective interactions over op objective is also encouraging people to more competitive rather then to just have fun.that is not something you want for game mode that are just meant to be fun.. **there is also the problem that since the mode is called ultra rapid fire people are under the impression all the games has to be super short and decisive/snowball hard**. however i believe that the mode would benefit a lot more fun wise if the games were less decisive/snowball and aimed for the 30-40 min range and to be just a bit harder to close. rather then 10-20min. it is now. this could be done pretty simply by slowing gold maybe exp, removing or just delaying the snow ball objetives, and urfing up the towers(attack hp ect..) till it hits a later point in the game.THEN make the objective matter a bit more. so the game dont stall out after the 30-40 min mark. there are some that would probably disagree and down vote with out a single thought. since they think it needs to be fast and end in 10 min for some reason... but i would like very much to have more of a real discussion on why this round of urf is different and the various changes they have done since it was first released that could be affecting the fun aspect of the mode. so **if you do agree even with only some of this post be sure to leave a comment to share your thoughts as i would like very much to bring up awareness and discussion on the topic of objectives/snowballing. and on ideas on how the mode could be more fun again**
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