I'm really surprised Riot won't address the new player experience for preseason whatsoever

... Outside of the tutorial of course. I'm mostly talking about how easy it is to obtain champions, as it stands right now there's absolutely no way a new player coming into this game is ever going to be able to get all of the champions they want without spending money at this point. Some of us veterans that have been here for a long time have years of IP/Essence under our belts that enabled us to eventually get everything we wanted-- especially with the big rune refund that happened this past year. It would take you around 5000 hours of gameplay to unlock every champion in the game using only essence, and that is assuming the games are roughly 30 minutes each. I feel that the rate that champion prices are lowered at compared to the very small amount of BE you will get on some level ups is much too low, like I'm serious. I've actually personally tried to get some of my friends into this game that were interested in it but they're immediately turned away by the overwhelming amount of content that they have to put massive timesinks into to afford. I know obviously Riot has to make some money off of people buying champions but I think maybe with the amount of characters that there are in the game now you could make it maybe just a little more forgiving. **Also, not to mention how absolutely atrocious low-level games are with the amount of smurfs and bot accounts but thats a whole extra can of worms.**
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