I'm building a Champion Select Helper, would love some input

I've always been kinda frustrated with how unhelpful Champion Select is. There are no warning or recommendation systems built in at all. For two simple examples, there is no warning for if your team is overwhelmingly Physical Damage or Magic Damage heavy, and there is no recommendation for Physical or Magic Damage champions to help counter balance this. So I decided to build one myself. Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VpZFWZryIRtksPTANiAsCUDWYr85xvxW42KgHQRryfo/edit?usp=sharing To use, you will need to create a copy of this and open it up in your own Google Drive. Cells B2:B6 should unlock and give you a drop down menu, with which you can plug in different champions (or (You) for a blank entry). The Sheet will then count how many Magic Damage, Physical Damage, and Hybrid Damage champions you have, recommend what damage type you need to balance in out, and display a list of champions of that damage type. This is just a prototype; more of a proof of concept of plugging in champions as Champ Select rolls out, and getting an instant update on your team balance and recommended champions. For now, the only functionality in the prototype is noting whether the champion does Magic, Physical, or Hybrid damage, and recommending a Magic, Physical, or Hybrid Champion to balance it out. I decided to put it on Google Sheets for accessibility reasons. More than that, I want everyone to see the guts behind it and for more knowledgable players to be able to make their own copy to edit and build out themselves. I want to make a more streamlined version of this, complete with far more functions, such as plugging in the enemy team and getting more recommendations based on that. Under the "Champion Database" sheet, you can see that I have a lot more factors I want to add into the Champ Select Helper. Long story short however, it's gonna get really flipping complicated really flapping fast. I can't promise fast or even consistent updates on this project, but for now, could I ask for help in cleaning up the damage type function? Specifically, I don't know what to consider champions. I mean duh, Darius is Physical Damage, but what exactly constitutes a "Hybrid" champion like Akali or Jax? Statistically speaking, Jax does overwhelmingly more Physical Damage than Magic, even though his kit does have built in Magic Damage and synergy to do more Magic Damage with the right itemization if Jax chooses. How should I treat Adaptive Champions like Udyr and Shaco, who aren't Hybrid really at all but are overwhelmingly Magic Damage or Physical Damage orientated depending on their build in a given game. And then there are complete messes like Kai'Sa. Anyway, for now, tell me if it works for you guys as far as being able to save it on your own accounts and the dropdown menus unlocking. You can also look through the Champion Database for more ideas of what to add or what to improve (again, champion mains out there, double check and clarify what "damage type" your champion is for me please). If I ever manage to make a "finished product" beyond this prototype, I also want to make it as usable and easily accessible as possible, so I would appreciate any tips in that regard.
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