Please, make this changes to Yorick. He feels awfull in medium/high elo. Long post.

{{champion:83}} has a problem. Because of how he is designed, he has become an extremely usefull champion for low elo / approaching medium elo games. A lot of people states that he is the stronger top in this elo, even more than {{champion:122}} , and i would even say he is the stronger champion of the game here. But heres the problem: once you reach plat+ games, he turns into an extremely frustating champion to play with because of the interactions of his pets with players who know what they do. And this is TRULLY a waste, because at this point is when you begin to really seize his potential as afk-splitpusher and understand his hidden potential as backdoor or objetive taking. All of this comes to nothing when your laning phase is basically the weakest of the whole game. Not because ghouls damage was heavily nerfed time ago, you can always search new ways to play the champion and be competent with him. The problem is not his lack of damage, is the fact he is just not allowed to properly trade like other champions. Yorick´s ghouls have 2 problems: FIRST PROBLEM: they are programmed in a way that ANY single-objetive ability, or just an auto, kills one of them instantly. This mechanic is necesary so you can clean them easily, but it shouldnt be allowed to clean them just in Yorick´s face before he can even get near to the objetive. This interaction is extremely poorly designed as in an elo where players are good enough, they will just abuse it to destroy your whole combo and make your abilities deal no damage. It doesnt stop there: some abilities that deal AoE also kill instantly the first ghoul they hit. For example, {{champion:157}} ´s Q always kill the first ghoul they hit, even if the ability inself deals AoE damage to all entities behind it. He can auto-q-e-e and kill your 4 ghouls in around a second, sometimes not letting them hit a single auto after leap. This happen with a lot of champions. The most funny example is {{champion:39}} who can literally kill all your ghouls instantly and charge her passive in the act. This is bullshit and cant be called by other name. Think about it: raising ghouls takes time and demands you to get tombs with Q, getting exposed to being attacked all the time. In level 3 values, sending them to attack demands hitting E, a skillshot that costs 50 mana, has 12 seconds CD and by itself deals like 70 magic damage. Then ghouls leap, dealing around 15 damage each one in the act, so 60. Then they get killed and, if you are lucky, maybe 2 of them are allowed to hit one auto each one before dying. So basically all that combo that took you time to prepare getting tombs exposed, using an E that is a pain in the ass to hit because of its hitbox and wastes mana is dealing around 160 damage in total. 160 damage for ALL that, and then you are again naked until you get tombs. How many champions, who have more mobility, no resource waste, not need time to prepare the engage or are ranged, deal much more than that much easier? It really feels like garbage. You cant really engage yourself and use wall in this elo, as no one commits the mistake to waste his aa reset / dash / disengage to prevent your assault, and even so, a lot of champions can easily outdamage you in this situation. Ask {{champion:54}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:58}} or {{champion:82}} to give some examples. They legit outrade you with no problems even with 4 ghouls. The only way to win is to harrass them enough so they are too weak to respond when you finally decide to engage yourself, but this is impossible because you are dealing 160 damage every 15 seconds, while they have sustain, can punish you for free, etc... You can sometimes play around hitting E, getting near, hitting a Q with garsp and then going out the trade and letting the enemy with the ghouls, but even this is risky for various reasons and wastes too much mana if you decide to use wall for the damage youll end up dealing. SECOND PROBLEM: the second problem is how some champion abilities affect ghouls the same way as normal minions, making them useless. {{champion:106}} with his roar or {{champion:266}} with his ult FEAR the ghouls for 3 seconds, instantly winning the trade if used well. {{champion:240}} kills the 4 ghouls instantly with his E. {{champion:31}} heals with his passive by literally using auto to a ghoul. {{champion:82}} isolates you from all your pets. {{champion:6}} activates W and his automatic 4 autos in 1 second oneshot your 4 ghouls (and also your wall, btw) {{champion:222}} can do this garbage: And this are just some of the much examples i could give. Not to mention that, as they attack using autos (and they mean 50% of all your damage in mid-late game), champions who counter autos instantly counter yorick, such as {{champion:24}}, {{champion:98}} or {{champion:54}} . I could understand this kind of interactions if {{champion:83}} was a very strong champ in the meta with no real counters, but is not the case. A lot already shits on you without abusing this methods. Theres also another problem: while Yorick is a juggernaut and can go with tenacity building {{item:3111}} {{item:3053}} or {{item:2138}} , the ghouls are always affected by a 100% of CCs. This means all AoE cc already can be used to counter you even if you built the champion to not be affected by it. I know what you are thinking: various champions have pets, and none of them have special theatment in this aspect. {{champion:90}} {{champion:143}} or {{champion:60}} also have pets, and they get killed very easily, but think carefully. None of them is as reliant of his pets and based on minion-summon as {{champion:83}} is. The pets of the champs listed adove are a little part of their damage or are meant to proc items like {{item:3151}}. You may have a point on {{champion:74}} , but his towers wont get killed instantly and they are much easier to summon than ghouls. Also in a lot of situations his direct damage is more important than his turrets. What im trying to say is that Yoricks ghouls shouldnt be so vulnerable to this kind of interactions as they are too important in his kit and counting the hard they are to summon in early game and the fact you cant quickly recast them if they die. He is a necromancer after all. So after all this pile of text, how do we fix Yorick in a way he wont become stronger in low elo where he is already good? Ive been thinking for a while, and the solution is so simple that is almost funny. Only 2 changes are needed: 1- Enemies marked with E cant oneshot the ghouls with autos/any ability while the mark lasts on them. 2- Give ghouls 50% tenacity by default. This changes wont affect low elo at all, since all of this problems i listed are only abused in plat+. No one in silver does a perfect combo to kill the ghouls in a second just after they leap, or uses {{champion:266}} ult planning to fear the ghouls. If this happens in this elo, most of times is a pure accident. So with this it wont be so easily to get rid of the ghouls. I see on it a fair punishment for letting yourself being hitted with Yorick´s E after letting him get tombs. If the ghouls are already in the map you should care to not be hitted by E, as it would mean 4 full seconds of not being able to clean them. However, the most common thing to happen is Yorick waiting to hit his E to then raise ghouls. They have to spawn and leap, wich is already like 1,5 seconds of time, so when they are in front of the objetive the mark will last for 2,5 seconds. I think is a fair time to not be able to kill them instantly, but just decide to escape or face Yorick directly instead of abusing stupid interactions. This also wont affect at all his afk-pushing tactic with its pros and cons.

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